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Today we feature Mary Galioto...

Entrepreneurs~ Passionate, Vibrant, Diverse Today we feature Mary Galioto, Founder/Editor/Publisher, MercerMe Enjoy.... Ann Laurie, LLC: "When you were a little girl what did you dream about doing when you grew up?" Mary: "I dreamt of being an ice cream truck driver or a veterinarian." Ann Laurie: "Can't imagine two better jobs! What is a little known fact about your career path?" Mary: "I was inspired to go to law school by my work with adults with developmental disabilities in Brooklyn after undergraduate school." Ann Laurie: "You do such great job covering what is going on in the community with integrity, betting law school helped you with that. What is the best part about your job?" Mary: "Flexibility. I work from home and, while news certainly mandates all-hours attention, I can work from my couch or even my bed." Ann Laurie: "Who has inspired you along the way?" Mary: "So many people -- I am constantly fortunate to meet the perfect people for the perfect time in my life. My inspiration comes from those who are passionate about what they do, share their gifts with others, and are fearless." To learn more visit: http://mercerme.com/


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