What We Can Learn From My 2am...

I had spent the day running errands for my clients as I usually do. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, I went to a networking event and met some great people. After the event, I came home, sent emails to people who I met earlier in the evening, and began to do the work that’s necessary to actually run my business.

As I was scheduling social media posts, I looked up at the clock and realized it was 2 am. I stopped for a moment and thought to myself, “When I decided to launch my business, this isn’t how I envisioned it unfolding. Time Well Spent is supposed to help others avoid this exact situation!”

In my case, I didn’t necessarily need a concierge, but I did need to hire help. My gut reaction whenever work gets overwhelming is probably the same as your gut reaction. In the time it takes me to get the necessary insurance, file paperwork, and hire and train someone, I could do everything myself.

But if we give in to that gut reaction, we never end the cycle of being stressed out and overworked, which prevents us from reaching our goals, both personally and professionally.

If you find yourself working at 2 am on a somewhat regular basis, this isn’t necessarily the healthiest of situations. You need to find some help to take a few things off your plate. This investment will reward you with extra hours that you can devote to running and growing your business.

And let’s not underestimate the value of “me time.” Making personal sacrifices to launch a business and make it successful is part of the game. At the same time, we launch a business so we can be our own boss, set our own schedule and take control of our future.

If we try to expand our business without expanding the staff to operate it, what is really accomplished? And before you say you’re making a lot of money, think about how much money you could really make if you had more time to run and market your business.

As for me, I’m planning to hire help so I can enjoy the work-life balance that I envisioned when I started Time Well Spent. Yes, there will be an initial investment of money and time to make this happen, but the return on that investment will include more free time and less stress – and more money.

I’m glad I had my 2 am epiphany, but I’m trying to avoid having anymore of those moments at all costs. I hope you’ll do the same.

What’s preventing you from seeking help so you can devote more time to yourself and running your business?

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