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I consider myself to be a manager extraordinaire of to-do lists. I plow through to-do lists all day long for both clients and my family, so I’ve downloaded and experimented with my fair share of apps designed for that purpose.

I have a new fave. It’s called Wunderlist.

Why do I heart Wunderlist? First of all, it’s compatible with everything. One of my pet peeves is an app that only works on my iPhone and iPad. If an app doesn’t work on my Windows-based laptop, it won’t do me any good – but Wunderlist does.

Wunderlist has a simple design and user-friendly interface, and it saves me time in so many ways. Suppose my husband and I are going on vacation and we have a massive list of things to do and buy before we leave.

When something gets accomplished, we check it off the Wunderlist to-do list, which is synced to all of our devices – smartphones, tablets and laptops. Instead of calling, emailing or texting to make sure I don’t do what he already did and vice versa, we just check the app.

I don’t know about you, but when we’re getting ready for a vacation, we don’t have time to do things twice!

Suppose my husband isn’t sure what type of sunblock I like. He can just check the “notes” section of the list to find out that I like Banana Boat SPF 30 – enriched with aloe, of course.

When I’m helping a client plan for a corporate event, there’s no need for constant check-ins and status updates. My client can just check the list and see when tasks are being completed in real-time, and we can use a Share List to make sure everyone involved is in the loop.

By enabling the Wunderlist Action Bar on each of my devices, I get constant reminders of what needs to be done – for tomorrow, the rest of the week and beyond. I couldn’t forget something if I tried!

Wunderlist also enables me to create separate lists for personal use and different clients, set up reminders and recurring tasks, create due dates, and prioritize my to-do list based on importance. Hey, some things can wait, and some things can’t.

I can also customize my notifications to make sure I’m aware if a new person or task has been added to a list. This is extremely important when dealing with last minute changes and updates that are an annoying reality of life.

If you want to stay on top of your to-do list and make it easier to manage, give Wunderlist a shot. If it’s going to help you save time and be more productive, wouldn’t you say that’s Time Well Spent?

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