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Today we feature Robin Hepburn, Founder, Orion Jewelry Studio, celebrating her 30th year in Business. Enjoy....

Ann Laurie: "What is a little known fact about your career path?" Robin: "After high school I was originally going to study early childhood development, a girlfriend of mine introduced me to a gentleman that was Lapidary (gem cutter) who was looking for someone to make jewelry for his gemstones. He paid my tuition for an eight week class in Silver smithing and that that was the beginning of my love for metal smithing and jewelry making. After that I applied and was excepted to Maine College of The Arts, in Portland Maine."

Ann Laurie: " I love how our friends always seem to play a role in our career paths. What is the best part about your job?" Robin: "I get to surround myself with luscious gemstones, I love the colors! And second best is creating lasting milestone jewelry, with those gems for my clients!"

Ann Laurie: "Who has inspired you along the way?" Robin: "The greatest instructor, master goldsmith and artist who I have had the good fortune to study with and be inspired by is Michael Good. His work is displayed and sold around the world. Michael was most generous with his knowledge of the craft and encouraged me to push past my creative boundaries. The other great inspiration in my life was my father (also a Silver smith), he nurtured my desire to be an artist from a very early age!" Click here to visit Orion Jewelry Studio

Featured on Facebook February 4, 2016

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